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    Because we care!

    All pets in our care are tended at least twice per day.

    All the boarding units have their own run attached. Full security provided through owners living on site.

    Purpose built units to Feline Advisory Bureau specification

    This is not a problem as we are experienced and we make no additional charge either
    We do provide a very good quality food but if you prefer your pet to continue on a specific food you are welcome to bring it
    We do have oodles of bedding but you are welcome to bring your own and please remember to take home anything you bring in.
    We do not take un immunized pets.
    We have very strict policies on no mixing unless the cats are brought in together and that is the owners wish. All our cats have individual boarding units (heated) each having its own external run.
    We are fully licensed and insured to collect.

    If you have any other questions, please contact us

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